Configurable iBeacon & EddyStone


Configurable iBeacon & EddyStone is demo for RedBear Duo as a Broadcaster. Many available iBeacons & Eddystones in market do not provide option for users to modify the hardware settings due to the iBeacon can only act a broadcaster, and not connectable.

In our demo, our engineers created an industrial comparable firmware that supports both iBeacon and Eddystone on RedBear Duo. A custom button on RedBear Duo can switch between iBeacon or Eddystone mode. (RGB LED Status light: Red - iBeacon, Blue - EddyStone)

RedBear Duo's BLE will be broadcasting ibeacon/eddystone signal, and a REST API to accept HTTP request for beacon configuration.

Test Client will be just a webpage with jQuery AJAX request. We predefined three sets of UUID and two sets of Major/Minor for iBeacon setting. Furthermore, we also predefined two sets of Namespace, and two URLS( and for Eddystone setting. A Button is assigned to each of those settings, and will send a HTTP request to RedBear Duo when clicked.

Our software developer also created App to respond iBeacon and Eddystone signal. When new beacon is detected, the view on the app will be flipped and switch to new iBeacon page. Also, since Eddystone provides URL parameter, the view for Eddystone would also contain a webView which will load URL in real time.

Hope you like our demo. If you would like to know more about RedBear Duo, please visit our Kickstarter Page. Thank you!