Pi Zero IoT HAT (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth) under USD$10



We all love our Pi Zero, however it does not have any built-in networking or wireless capability; how we wish it could be connected to our beloved Internet or Bluetooth devices without those additional wires, USB hubs and dongles. After our recent successful Kickstarter campaign "RedBear Duo - a small and powerful Wi-Fi + Bluetooth IoT board", it occurred to us that we had the perfect solution to this inconvenience... why not build a Wi-Fi + Bluetooth IoT HAT for Raspberry Pi Zero!! The red board you see above is what we are talking about. It supports Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz) + Bluetooth 4.1 (Dual Mode - Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy).







An elegantly looking and well fitted HAT (Hardware Attached on Top = add-on board for Pi) that fits right on top of Pi Zero is the way-to-go, it does not compromise the existing form factor, nothing protruding out and seamlessly integrated. Coincidentally we are using the same components that Raspberry Pi 3 uses for its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth additions, therefore all future Raspian releases, software and projects should be compatible with our IoT HAT.


This HAT will not only for Pi Zero, any Raspberry Pi with 40 pins including A+, B+ or Pi 2 is IoT ready when connected to a RedBear's IoT HAT. Please watch our quick home video below that we put together to demonstration Wi-Fi and Bluetooth running concurrently.


We are going to announce the availability very soon so please stay tuned or sign up our mailing list in order to be the first to get your hand on our IoT HAT.

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