RedBear is becoming a part of the Particle Family

When we started RedBear in 2012 our goal was to bring the maker community powerful and affordable tools to build IoT products. The first Kickstarter campaign was astounding thanks to your support which allowed us to launch the RedBear Duo. That gave us the momentum to continue building out a product line to enable builders like you with tools like the IoT HAT for Raspberry Pi and the most widely used BLE Nano. Ultimately building a community of thousands of RedBear builders!

Today we’re excited to share that RedBear is officially joining the Particle family. Our teams have been collaborating since the launch of the Duo and we quickly realized the potential of working alongside a company that shared the same vision as our own. Particle, the company behind the Photon and the Electron (Wi-Fi and cellular IoT developer boards), is an incredibly aligned with our goal to help developers be successful in building connected products.

The RedBear team is already working on the latest Particle Mesh product line, leveraging our team’s expertise in embedded mobile devices and Bluetooth Low Energy.

You can pre-order and find out more about the Particle Mesh products on



Products availability and support

RedBear Team will continue to provide technical support through our support forum on

  • RedBear Duo will continue to be available through Q1 2019.
    • All development of additional features/libraries are stopped with the exception of using Particle WebIDE.
    • Developing with Particle WebIDE will be supported through Q3 2019.
    • Technical support for other development methods will be provided till end of September 2018.
  • BLE Nano v2 hardware will continue to be available through Q1 2019, no addtional features will be developed and supported through September 2019.
  • MB-N2 BLE module will continue to be available through Q1 2019.
  • All other products will be discontinued once the existing stocks are cleared and supported till end of September 2018.